Primary Years Programme (PYP)

The primary department at Lucaya International School follows the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). The school offers boundless educational experience for both Bahamian and international students, pre-kindergarten through year 6. Our school provides children with an internationally based curriculum, small class sizes and a nurturing environment intended to prepare and encourage students to become life-long learners.

LIS encourages the inquiry approach to learning and places an emphasis on making sure the students understand and grasp the knowledge and skills they need to be responsible, independent learners. We not only encourage parent and community involvement, but we also believe it is a fundamental practice for students' success. The Primary Years Program allows the school to meet the individualized needs of each student and optimize their learning experience.

LIS welcomes students from every race and ethnic background; therefore we offer a non-denominational educational experience that encourages children to hold true to their own beliefs and values while respecting the differences of others.

In using the PYP's framework, we also believe that learning must extend beyond the classroom experience and should result in thoughtful and appropriate action. The teachers and staff at LIS agree that when students make or participate in action they are able to grow both personally and socially. They are able to develop skills such as independence, cooperation, problem solving, conflict resolution and creative and critical thinking. Partaking in action also exhibits the students' ability to demonstrate the learner profile and attitude attributes another important element of our PYP practice.

These themes are about issues that have meaning for, and are important to all of us. The programme offers a balance between learning about or though the subject areas and learning beyond them.

The most significant and distinctive feature of the IB PYP is the six trans-disciplinary themes:

  • Who are we
  • Where are we in place and time
  • How we express ourselves
  • How the world works
  • How we organize ourselves
  • Sharing the planet

The six trans-disciplimary themes help teachers to develop a programme of inquiries, in-depth investigations into important ideas, identified by the teachers, and requiring a high level of involvement on the part of the students. These inquiries are substantial and usually last for several weeks.

Assessment is an important part of each unit of inquiry, as it both enhances learning and provides opportunities for students to reflect on what they know, understand and can do. The teacher's feedback to the students provides the guidance, the tools and the incentive for them to become competent, more skillful and better at understanding how to learn. At the completion of the PYP curriculum in Year 6, the students are required to complete a PYP Exhibition. The project consists of a series of projects under one unit of inquiry which the students collectively choose.


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