Visual Arts

The ability to create is a fundamental characteristic of being human. The focus of the Art Department is to support possible 'future artists' and inspire all students to develop their observational and creative skills in respect to their local environment and the world at large. Consequently, the following goals serve to empower students with technical ability and the confidence to approach problem solving in diverse ways.

The Goals of the Visual Arts program at LIS is to:
  • To encourage confidence in artistic and technical ability at all levels
  • Provide a broad program of study for Pre K- Year 9, allowing students to experiment with as diverse a range of materials and surfaces as possible
  • Support elective Art students in Yr 10 to develop and enhance Fine Art skills in accordance with the IGCSE assessment criteria
  • To support and prepare for the selection of IB, Higher Level Art by providing a 'Summer Project' course for students transitioning from Year 11 to Year 12
  • Inspire IB students with exciting projects, themes and artist visits, in order to motivate consistently high level preparatory and studio work
  • For students at all levels, to develop respect for their work, the work of other students and the work of national and international artists
  • To foster an aesthetic appreciation of their natural environment and be able to identify unique characteristics
  • Provide diverse varieties of artistic expression to cultivate the value of sensitivity, imagination and personal observation
  • To empower students to be creative and flexible in their thinking, approaches to problem solving and approaches to their work and their world
  • Inspire students to display work within the school environment, enter national and international Art Competitions and to exhibit work with confidence

Music Program

All students participating in the Lucaya International School Music Program will be geared toward developing a lifelong appreciation of the performing arts. Each student will become the most proficient performer that he/she is capable of becoming by further enhancing his/her musical talents. Through the program, students will gain a sense of pride, self-discipline, self confidence, motivation, and a drive for excellence not only in music, but also in all area of the arts. We aim for our students to be the best that they can be, while learning and having fun during the process.

The goal of the Music Program at Lucaya International School is to help each student develop, strengthen, and master musical concepts and skills enabling him/her to have an appreciation for music and the performing arts. Music students will study and review music history and music theory and apply it to a wide variety of material. Students will look at 20th Century music and the various styles featured in the cultures of the many countries from around the world. Students will also be offered the opportunity to perform as individuals or groups, where they can showcase their individual, creative talents. It is our hope that each student is able to attain an appreciation for the arts, by learning the different elements of music and to have fun and gain a sense of creativity during the length of the program.


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