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Student Support

General Education Classroom and Student Learning Support

All the students at Lucaya International School are entitled to achieve their potential academically, socially and emotionally, as well as developing a love of lifelong learning as outlined in the schools Philosophy, Mission and Goals.  

Students who have learning differences are welcome contributors to our learning community; therefore each student has the right to an education that is relevant, supportive and inclusive. Our small class size also allows for small group and one to one support at all year levels.

Lucaya International School Inclusion Statement 

LIS is committed to equity and respect to all individuals and seeks to create a culture of inclusion that supports all students and engenders a feeling of self -confidence and sense of belonging to  the larger community. We recognize that diversity contributes to our school community and improves opportunities for tolerance and understanding our differences.  

There are many benefits for inclusion and studies have found that it is beneficial for all students  – not just those who receive services. A school focused on how children learn, a foundation of  differentiated Instruction, commitment to collaborative team approach, supportive and  sensitive school culture, provision of appropriate levels of challenge, flexible not rigid in  structure, reduced stigma, effective use of resources and high expectations for all. 

Inclusion of students with learning differences is considered on a case by case basis, at the discretion of the school, based on the students needs, the classroom environment and the resources available to meet their individual needs. 

LIS Learning Support Partnership with Parents 

LIS places high value on parental involvement and value their contributions, recognizing the  important role they play. Parents will be involved at every stage of the process and informed  when the class teacher has any concerns. 

When the Head of School, in consultation with the classroom teacher and the Head of Support  Services determines that a child need to have an outside assessment by a licensed Educational Psychologist either to determine eligibility for admission or other educational concerns 

regarding a child already in school, parents of the child concerned are obligated to arrange for  an assessment at the earliest possible date and a copy of the report must be shared with the  school. Parents are obligated to follow through on the recommendations made in the report  

and failure to do so may result in the school either effusing admission and/or requiring the child  to be withdrawn from school. Refer to LIS Policy 6.3.1

LIS Learning for Life and Support Services


We offer Personal and Social Education classes in the Primary and Middle School and offer personal guidance sessions with the school counsellor if a student is having a difficult time. The Student Support Team (SST) also support students and acts as an early warning system for any student that is experiencing difficulties at school. Depending on the particular difficulty, an action plan is developed in conjunction with the parents, counselor and the appropriate teachers. The plan is then monitored and the appropriate support is given to the child and his/her classroom teacher.

At the Middle and High School levels, students have Homeroom/Advisor Teachers that help students through social issues and assist in developing their organizational skills. They supply the students with important school information and keep them abreast of deadlines and upcoming school events. Students meet their Advisor Teachers for 10 minutes every morning and for an hour period every week. High School students also receive assistance from the school counselor and the IB Coordinator during the college application process.

Additional Student Support available at LIS includes part time (English as Additional Language) EAL and Learning Support. Although we mainly teach English to non- English speakers through an immersion program and the assistance of the classroom teachers, LIS does have an as needed EAL teacher that can assist students learning the language. We can also offer support to students with documented special learning needs through an as needed Learning Support teacher and the SST.

Mr. LaToy Williams is our School Counselor and Ms. Blair Gray is our Learning Support teacher.