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Student Support

At LIS, we strongly believe in differentiating our instruction so that we can best support the learning needs of all of our students. We acknowledge the fact that there are many types of learners and we therefore vary our assessment techniques so that we give our students every opportunity to demonstrate to us what they know. Our small class sizes enable our teachers to give individual attention to each and every one of our students.

We offer Personal and Social Education classes in the Primary and Middle School and offer personal guidance sessions with the school counsellor if a student is having a difficult time. The Student Support Team (SST) also support students and acts as an early warning system for any student that is experiencing difficulties at school. Depending on the particular difficulty, an action plan is developed in conjunction with the parents, counselor and the appropriate teachers. The plan is then monitored and the appropriate support is given to the child and his/her classroom teacher.

At the Middle and High School levels, students have Homeroom/Advisor Teachers that help students through social issues and assist in developing their organizational skills. They supply the students with important school information and keep them abreast of deadlines and upcoming school events. Students meet their Advisor Teachers for 10 minutes every morning and for an hour period every week. High School students also receive assistance from the school counselor and the IB Coordinator during the college application process.

Additional Student Support available at LIS includes part time (English as Additional Language) EAL and Learning Support. Although we mainly teach English to non- English speakers through an immersion program and the assistance of the classroom teachers, LIS does have an as needed EAL teacher that can assist students learning the language. We can also offer support to students with documented special learning needs through an as needed Learning Support teacher and the SST.

Ms. Stephanie Doland is our School Counselor and heads our Student Support, Guidance and College Counseling program.