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Lucaya International School realizes that technology skills are important in preparation for today’s workforce and to that end we strive to integrate technology into our curriculum. Every classroom has an interactive board and our teachers spend many hours in professional development to ensure they are integrated into the curriculum. LIS also has two computer labs for student use and each classroom in the primary school has a computer station area for inquiry based research. In the secondary school, we have a one-to-one program with computers to students. In the middle school, each student uses a laptop provided by the school and in the high school, each student is required to have a computer for their use.

Information and Computer Technology classes start in the primary school where students learn basic IT and Research skills as well as skills like typing. In the middle school, all students have ICT classes and the students are prepared for industry level certification like the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOS) in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access. We also teach other skills like movie making and graphic design in this program. In high school, students can take ICT as an elective in Years 10 and Year 11, where they further their industry level certification. In the IB curriculum, students have the option to take Information Technology for Global Society (ITGS) as a category 6 elective.