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Primary School

Mrs. Claire Berger
Head of Primary
Through my years as an educator and administrator in international schools both in the United States and China, I have had the privilege to work with students and families from many different cultures. Working in an IB school that follows the Primary Years Programme is one of the highlights of my daily work at Lucaya International School. The wonderful learning and thrill of the “aha!” moment is palpable throughout the school in both the students and faculty.  Working with such a warm community in a small school environment has been exciting and fun.  I love the fact that our students are taught to inquire and develop their natural curiosity throughout their academic career with us.  This often leads to wonderful examples of authentic learning in and out of the classroom.  It is an honor to serve as a leader in the Primary School at LIS.
Mrs. Nikki Rose
I am a local Grand Bahamian but was educated from the age of 8 in the UK. In 2001, after spending 2 years at drama school I returned to Freeport and fell in love with LIS deciding to pursue a career in teaching. 2018 makes my 9th year working at LIS and I'm very passionate about the school and the PYP. I have my Bachelor of Arts in Child Development and have just started a Masters of Education which I'm very excited about. I have 2 boys that attend LIS and have been here since Pre-K. In my free time I adore the ocean and being with my family, good friends and having lots of laughs.
Mr. David Zaglauer
Year 1 Teacher
I am the Year 1 teacher at LIS and love teaching the littlest learners!  After finishing my Master's Degree in Childhood Education at Mercy College in New York, I worked as a teacher for four years in the New York City Public Schools.  Although challenging at times, the diversity of students and their learning kept me engaged each day.  My family started working internationally after that year and we moved with our two oldest children to China where we worked in international schools for 3 years.  Working at LIS has been a wonderful experience in great part because of the wonderful warm atmosphere created by staff and families.  The students are excited to get to school each morning and ready to learn.  It's a great place for exploration and growth in a small and quiet island setting.
Mr. Rashad Godet
Year 2 Teacher
I was born and grew up in Freeport on the quiet island of Grand Bahama, to loving parents who taught me through their diligence, sacrifice and hard-work that nothing of value was ever accomplished in life without planning, discipline and determination.  I received my formal education from Sunland Lutheran School, Mary Star of The Sea and, finally, Grand Bahama Catholic High from which I earned my Diploma in the summer of 1991. I then relocated to Florida and attended Florida Bible College in Kissimmee, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. After teaching 3rd grade for eight years at Florida Bible Christian School in Miramar, Florida I returned to Freeport with my family. It was here at Lucaya International School where I found my “2nd home” and was introduced to the philosophy and teaching practice of the Primary Years Program. A vast difference from the traditional pedagogy and conventional curriculum I was accustomed to, I quickly developed a genuine respect and appreciation for the PYP outlook and its exciting approach to life and learning.
Mrs. Erin Cordes
Year 3 Teacher
PYP Coordinator
I am the Year 3 teacher and the Primary Years’ Program Coordinator. I am originally from a rural town in The Hudson Valley in New York. I have worked in other schools in New York, Massachusetts and Grand Bahama. I moved to Grand Bahama Island almost 15 years ago. I have two wonderful boys who attend LIS. I love our school and The Primary Years’ Program! It is a place where the children want to come to everyday and they get excited about what they are learning through the inquiry process. I love working at Lucaya International School because it aligns so closely with my own teaching philosophy. My goal is to teach students how to think for themselves, to become active learners and become responsible for their own learning. It is important for me to assist in developing the whole child while creating global citizens who are able to react to real-life situations by taking action to make the world a better place.
Mr. Jeremy Knowles
Year 4 Teacher
I have five years experience in elementary education and four years experience in administration.  I spent the last three years of our time in Birmingham as the principal of a middle and high school.  I was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas where I attended St. Andrew’s School.  I attended Auburn University in Alabama where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  I also met my wife, Heather, while at Auburn.  Heather and I have three children; Mason, Karis, and Violet.  Mason and Karis both attend LIS.  We spent seven years living in Birmingham, AL during which time I earned my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at Samford University.   I have always felt that one of our main purposes as educators is to instill a love of learning in our students.  I have also taught by the motto of ‘students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’.  It takes a genuine and meaningful relationship with your students to truly have a lifelong impact on them.  I feel that LIS provides the atmosphere and rigor necessary for me to flourish and grow as a life long learner myself.
Mrs. Amanda Anderson
Year 5 Teacher
My passion is teaching, and being an international teacher is truly remarkable.  I love learning and spent my post graduate years studying and receiving a BA from SUNY Brockport and a Masters in Special Education from Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania.  After three years teaching at a rural school in central Florida and the birth of our first daughter, my husband and I decided that the world was at our fingertips and it was time to explore.  Our first stop was Berlin, Germany where our second daughter was born.  From there, we traveled to the Dominican Republic, New York and now reside and teach here in the beautiful Grand Bahama Island at LIS.  The small school environment allows for a safe and caring setting where the students thrive in their academic inquiries and risk taking.  In my free time, I very much enjoy golfing, horseback riding, card games, traveling and meeting new people who enrich my life.
Mrs. Sharron Waterhouse
Year 6 Teacher
After graduating with a BA Hons Degree and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Hull University, I began my teaching journey in the UK. It wasn't long before my career path took me all over the world! I have worked in Asia (where I received my TEFL Certificate), Europe, New Zealand, U.S.A. and South America. In 2004, I decided to hang up my rucksack and settle at LIS - where the world now comes to me!  My biggest aim in the classroom is to encourage my children to feel comfortable, secure and happy in their working environment. Once this is achieved, then their potential knows no bounds! I expect my students to work and play hard - after all, ‘play is the work of children’ is it not? At the end of the day, if my students have had an opportunity to learn, inquire, create, imagine, construct and at the same time have fun, then I can go home feeling satisfied. I love the Primary Years Program for not only encouraging all the above, but for allowing the students to be responsible for their own learning, and to follow their bliss. Moreover, I am most passionate about the 'action' component of the Program, which inspires the children to make their world a better place. LIS is a melting pot of nationalities and therefore, I believe, the perfect breeding ground for such world changing action!

Secondary School

Mrs. Vikki Purvis
Head of Secondary
IB Mathematics
I am the Head of Secondary and am currently teaching IB Mathematical Studies. I love working at LIS because it creates global citizens and prepares our students to follow the IB Diploma Programme which is not only academically challenging, but produces well-balanced young adults who are well prepared for success at university and life beyond.  My children have attended L.I.S from Pre-Kindergarten and we have all benefited enormously by sharing the learning and teaching experiences with a diverse range of staff and students from around the world.  My interests revolve principally around my family and I enjoy helping out at various organizations on the island. My hobbies are largely artistic based - I enjoy photography, DIY and craft work and love a long, quiet walk on the island's beautiful beaches.
Ms Stephanie Doland
IB Coordinator
Guidance Counselor
I came to the island of Grand Bahama for a one year teaching experience eleven years ago and never left! I have been working at LIS for six of those eleven years. I am originally from wine country in beautiful upstate New York where I received my B.S. in Art with a minor in Art History from SUNY Brockport. I furthered my education at Alfred University where I received my M.S. in School Counseling and New York State certification as a Counselor. It is great to be part of the international community at LIS. I love working in an environment where new ideas and creativity are so welcomed. I currently serve as the School Counselor, PSE teacher and IB Coordinator.
Dr. Sylvia Bateman
IB/IGCSE Biology
I was brought up in rural England, where I gained by qualifications in Biological sciences. I then moved to Jamaica to instruct Gliding and soon returned to the classroom, after 15 years teaching in Jamaica I moved to the Bahamas.  I am now in my 5th year at LIS and enjoy teaching and contributing to the development of our young students. I strongly believe that students should be exposed to the outdoors and encourage them to participate in The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. I am known for my determination never to bring a car to school and to cycle everywhere.  I participate in local triathlons and am also a keen scuba diver instructor.
Dr. Jenny Brown
IB/IGCSE English Language
I am Irish and have been living here for 5 years. I teach English to years 9 to 13 with great enthusiasm and passion! I have been lucky enough to travel and teach internationally with my husband Garrett, and we see life as a beautiful adventure. Our little boy was born here almost three years ago and we have loved watching him learn to walk on the beaches of Grand Bahama. I am a voracious reader and I am constantly trying to encourage my students to be the same! Teaching our students at LIS is a joy and a privilege. I am also an editor and writer and have published one book and a number of articles in academic journals. In the small windows of free time I have, I love cooking for friends and eating delicious food! I watch films, listen to music, and walk with my dog Bonny. 
Ms. Allison Crowe
IB Visual Arts
I call wherever I am living home- though I hail from Boston, Massachusetts. I moved constantly growing up, and even attended 3 international schools in South America! I guess that is where I acquired my lifelong love for travel. I got my masters in teaching fine arts expressly to work at international schools. I love the rich exchange between students and faculty from so many cultures. Prior to LIS, I taught IB Art at Frankfurt International School in Germany where we had 52 nationalities attending.  Personally, I have a 19 year old daughter who is an Apparel Design major at Rhode Island College of Design. I enjoy taking workshops in the summers, swimming in the ocean and cooking with friends. I love the warm LIS community and beautiful environment here and feel grateful everyday to be a part of it!
Mrs. Tara Doherty
Middle School Mathematics and Humanities
I am currently teaching Middle School Geography and Math.   Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, I attended Acadia University and received an undergraduate degree in Sociology and English. The following year, I returned to Acadia’s education program where I completed my Bachelors of Education degree specializing in assessment and inclusive education.  I moved to Freeport 12 years ago with my husband and we now have two children who attend LIS.  In my free time, I enjoy travelling, exercising and relaxing on the beach with my family.  I believe the high standards and quality education that students receive at LIS offers endless opportunities for them to compete on an International level and I feel it is a privilege for me to come here to work with children every day.  The PYP’s inquiry approach is, in my opinion, the most effective way for a student to develop everything they need for a successful future. 
Mrs. Juliet Drackett-Hall
Middle School Mathematics and Science
I have been working at LIS since 2009. I teach middle school science, lab science and mathematics. I am originally from Jamaica and am an alumna of The Mico University and The University of The West Indies where I acquired my teaching qualification. I have been a teacher for 25 years yet I am still humbled by the privilege I have been afforded to help mold young lives. I miss performing and travelling with the world renowned Carifolk Singers of Jamaica but I enjoy singing with The Apple Elliot Band while in The Bahamas. I also channel some of that creative energy by assisting with directing LIS high school productions, singing with other local groups and occasionally being involved in theatre productions. I enjoy walking and painting. It is my aspiration to one day master playing the guitar. I also love watching a good movie, laughing, listening to music, relaxing with my family on the pristine beaches and playing with my daughter who attends LIS.
Ms. Nadege Flusin
I came to Freeport with my family in 2003 after living in Brighton, England then in Barcelona, Spain. Back then, we were lucky to be able to send our daughters at LIS and very happy to see them growing in this comfortable, secure and happy working environment from Primary to High School. And both my daughters graduated successfully. In 2009, I decided to work in this amazing international school as a French teacher in Secondary. As I am a native French speaker, born and raised in France, I am also proud of my language and the Francophone culture that I share with many countries around the world. At the same time, I also recognize that the study of language is of vital importance for all learning.  Language study develops international understanding, reinforces cultural identity, enhances personal growth, and promotes effective communication. I am currently the Head of the Modern Languages and I have been teaching French in Middle School and High School for 9 years, especially teaching IGCSE and IB French B programs. In my free time, I like gardening and walking on the beach, a way to be closer to nature and to relax. I recently have developed a new interest: painting with acrylic.
Mrs. June Miles
IB/IGCSE English Literature
One of life’s great rewards is finding a career that you love. I love teaching. Students who enjoy learning make teaching worth the effort; I have found LIS students to be just this type. My husband, Bret (a retired teacher), and I most recently taught for eight years in Shanghai, China with an odd year at Sturgis Charter School in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Before that, we taught in Oklahoma and Texas schools. With a Masters in English Literature, you can be certain I love to read! I hope to pass this passion on to my students because reading is the one pleasure that opens the mind to life’s possibilities and humanities courageous endeavors. Armed with a great imagination and a quest for knowledge, we can all go out into the world and live our dreams.  I currently teach IGCSE and IB English.
Mrs. Sarah Nicholls
Middle School & IB History 
Originally from England, I graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2003 with an MA (Hons) in Modern History. In 2008 I decided to change the direction of my career and earned my Post Graduate Certificate in Education and M.Ed credits at the University of Oxford. My teaching journey began at RLS in Buckinghamshire where I met my husband, Stephen. We both love travelling and soon after the birth of our son, Oscar, we began our exciting journey as international teachers with our first posts being in Kuwait and then briefly Singapore, via Bali. Our journey is complete now as LIS has very quickly become a much loved home to our little family and is a school I am honoured to work at. I serve as a Middle School/IB History teacher, a teacher of the IB Theory of Knowledge and as the IGCSE Coordinator. I am passionate about teaching my subjects and love to encourage my classes to interrogate events and ideas and challenge perspectives. I enjoy the moments when students suddenly see an event, idea etc. from a new and completely different perspective. I strive to develop a safe environment in which they can be open-minded, curious and risk takers with the topics presented to them and actively develop a fascination with knowledge together with a deep understanding of the world around them. 
Mr. Garrett O'Sullivan
IGCSE History/IB Business Management
I am currently serving as the Humanities Department Head and am teaching History and Business Management.  I have a keen interest in music, reading and travelling, preferably all at the same time. I have spent much of my adult life living and travelling in foreign countries and hope to continue to do so for many years to come. I also enjoy water-sports, snorkeling here in the Bahamas is fantastic and when possible I love to surf. I have been with my wife Jenny for 13 years and she is an academic author and editor and I also have one son who was born here in Grand Bahama.
Mr. Florian Parisod
IB/IGCSE Physics
I was born and raised in Switzerland where I taught Physics and Mathematics. In 2006 I met my Bahamian wife and after living in Lausanne for a few years we decided to move with our two kids to Freeport. I am bilingual in French and English and also speak a bit of German. I love travelling, I spent almost 2 years scuba diving in southeast Asia. Some of my favorite activities include volleyball, diving and snorkeling. It has been 6 years since I moved to The Bahamas and I enjoy the island life. I have been teaching at LIS since 2015 and I currently teach IGCSE and IB Physics.
Mr. Stephen Powell
IB/IGCSE Mathematics
I have been a British and International Maths Teacher now for 16 years. I have taught at all levels and all abilities from Year 6 to Year 13 in four different countries using four different curriculums. I obtained my degree in Maths Operational Research Statistics and Economics (M.OR.S.E) from the University of Warwick, UK, but then enjoyed two full careers in Retail Management and Ed Tech Sales before taking my Post Grad in Education.  I left the UK in 2012 to travel with my wife (History Teacher at LIS) and my young son Oscar.  After fascinating stints in the Middle East, Bali, and Singapore spanning the last 5 years we were delighted to secure positions at LIS where we hope to stay for the rest of Oscars education at least. Apart from the joys of being a Dad I like to run, bike and swim as well as relax with a wide range of reading and films. I took part in the Conchman Triathlon this year and actively support the GGYA/DofE at the school involving camping, hiking and biking too. I have been fortunate to teach and manage in some outstanding schools around the world and look forward to bringing that expertise to LIS.
Ms. Diana Rodriguez
IB/IGCSE Spanish
My full name is Diana Carolina Rodríguez Rodrigues. Known by my students as "Señorita Rodríguez ."  I teach middle school, high-school, and IB Diploma Programme. Growing up as first generation ‘‘Luso-Venezuelan’’  I am the product of two fascinating cultures melded into one. Consequently I became passionate about language acquisition and cultural awareness. My professional career in education began officially in 2004. Four years later the British Council and Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez chose me to represent Venezuela. During that time I worked as a foreign language assistance co-teaching Spanish GCSE and A-levels in an upper school in Dunstable, England. Since that moment I became an international teacher. In 2011 I graduated UNESR  with a bachelor's degree in education major in TEFL. Later I attended Universidad Latina de Panamá and earned my professional master's degree in TESOL in 2015 with honors. I moved to Freeport in August 2017 with my dog Moana. We love to eat, walk and spend quality time with our friends. I am committed to support and nurture the growth of LIS students in the IB profile and principles. ¡Arriba Bucaneros!
Ms. Juliana Scrivner
MS English and IB French
Originally from Arizona, land of coyotes and cactus, I am delighted to be teaching French and English at LIS. After many years of being a school social worker, I changed paths to become a classroom teacher in 2009, motivated to do so while chaperoning a school trip to France. Strolling down the Champs-Élysées in Paris, explaining the history of this famous street, a student asked me how long I had been a teacher; at that moment, I realized the classroom was calling my name. I love my life as a teacher as I am lucky to work with my favorite people in the world – teenagers! Together, we discuss the big ideas in literature, improve our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world, and continue to explore how our own curiosity pushes us to grow as learners and global citizens. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy reading anything and everything, pretending that I am a contestant on Iron Chef, traveling, spending time at the beach, hiking, camping, listening to music, and socializing with my wonderful friends and family.
Mr. Daniel Shileny
IB/IGCSE Geography
I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2010 with a B.A. in History.  Finding the initial domestic job market to be unwelcoming, I decided to move to South Korea in February of 2011 to teach English.  For one year I taught English to grades 3-6 at Onyang JoongAng Elementary School in Asan, South Korea.  It was while living in South Korea where I was able to find my two passions in live.  My first passion I would discover would be my love for teaching.  For the first time in my life I felt alive while working; education was my calling.  I would return to Wisconsin after my one year abroad to gain teaching certification.  In 2014, again attending UWM, I completed a Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certification in Early Adolescent-Adolescent Broadfield Social Studies. My first official teaching position at the Hmong American Peace Academy in Milwaukee, allowed me to continue my desire to work with students from a unique and diverse background.  For two years I taught US and World History, as well as Government, to grade 9-12 students at the college preparatory charter school.   My second passion I discovered while living in Asia was my love of volunteering and service..  While traveling in Southeast Asia, I had the opportunity to volunteer several times at a school in Cambodia.  Again, I found myself being awoken by a new desire to dedicate myself to help people in need.  Following my time in Asia, I returned to the USA and decided I had to keep finding a way to help the students of Cambodia.  In 2012, along with 5 other friends from Milwaukee, I founded an official NGO called The Cambodia Education Fund, an organization that is dedicated to providing scholarships to young people across Cambodia to attend secondary and tertiary schools.  In 2016 I had the opportunity to take my career in education back to an international setting, by joining the LIS team here in Freeport.  In my free time I enjoy spending time on the beaches and fishing in the ocean.  The island sun has given me a wonderful relief from the frigid temperatures I have known all my life!  

Specialist Teachers

Mr. Andrew Anderson
Special Needs
I am originally from a small town in Western NY where I met my wife, Amanda Anderson (Year 5).  I studied Physical Education and Sport at SUNY Brockport then later received my Masters in Special Education from Mercyhurst College.  I taught Special Education, Math and Physical Education in Florida, New York, Germany and the Dominican Republic before moving here to LIS.  I am currently one of the Special Education teachers for Primary and Secondary school.  I also teach Year 10 and 11 IGCSE Foundation Level Math.  We come to LIS and Freeport with our two lovely daughters.  We love traveling, golfing, swimming/snorkeling, playing cards, camping and relaxing at the beach.
Ms. Alina Alain
Primary Spanish
I am Alina Alain and I came to LIS in 2017 to teach Primary Spanish.  I have roots in both The Bahamas and Panama and I've been teaching Spanish in the primary schools of Grand Bahama for over 10 years.  I enjoy working at LIS and the kids are wonderful.  I love sharing my culture and my language with the students every day.
Mr. Emmanuel Bulalacao
I have been teaching here in The Bahamas for 11 years now. I spend my days here in Freeport, Grand Bahama and I am overjoyed to be working in such a wonderful institution, Lucaya International School, as a music teacher. I am living an amazing life with my wife, Margarita, and my two daughters, Maria Regina and Eliza Anne.  I graduated as a Rector Scholar at the University of Santo Thomas in Manila, Philippines, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music - Music Education, a Major in Voice and a Minor in Piano. Even before graduation, I used to be members of the oldest Boys’ Choir in the Philippines -The Tiples de Sto. Domingo and Coro Tomasino which is the College Choir in the Conservatory of Music. I have trained several school choirs and have taught Music Education in the Primary and High School level to at least seven schools in the Philippines and in The Bahamas. I am delighted to teach my students to play various musical instruments like the recorder, piano, xylophone, steel pan drums and voice.
Mr. Nigel Kirkby
I was born in England and gained my BA in Human Movement Studies and my PGCSE from Carnegie School of Sports In Leeds. I taught in the Uk for a couple of years and came to The Bahamas 28 years ago first living and working in Nassau at St Andrews School  and then Grand Bahama at Walter Parker Primary and BMEs before LIS.  I am currently the Head of Physical Education, teaching and coaching in both the Primary and Secondary Schools.  I have spent my life, living and loving physical activity. These range from activities such as climbing, whitewater rafting, kayaking and snow skiing to scuba diving, boating, sailing and all team and individual sports. However my main passion is the sport of rugby which I have played all my life, coached and managed. I am married with two wonderful children and of course make my home in The Bahamas. My educational focus is based through an ‘understanding of performance’  and my life’s belief is everyone can find a physical activity that they will love and it will positively impact their lives..... they just have to look!...... so go look!
Ms. Susan Krupica
I have been working as the part-time librarian at LIS since January 2014.  I thoroughly enjoyed the warm welcome LIS embraced me with and I continue to appreciate the joy & energy the primary students I teach bring to each class as well as their enthusiasm for reading! I am a native Bahamian, born & raised on Grand Bahama Island enjoying a childhood of living at an all-inclusive resort, Jack Tar Village, in West End. I commuted to school every day to Mary Star of the Sea School until Grade 8 and completed my high school years in Toronto, Canada as this is where my family originated from and currently resides. I continued my education at the University of Toronto and graduated with a Bachelor of Science specializing in Physical Therapy with a minor in Psychology in 1992 with over 20 years working as a physical therapist & educator. In 2013 I decided to return to my childhood roots in the Bahamas and relocated with my canine companion, Bella, who is now a 9 year old golden doodle. My family now also includes a pot cake rescue dog from the Grand Bahama Humane Society, Dingo & living back in West End with my partner & his pot cake, Shadow. I continue to enjoy the natural beauty the Bahamas has to offer including swimming, walking my dogs on the beach as well as my passion for our Bahamian culture expressed through Junkanoo & coordinating the Junior Junkanoo group with staff & students at LIS  
Mrs. Cathy MacLeay
I was was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada July 10, 1960. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science Degree and a primary teaching certificate while specializing in Dyslexia. Shortly after graduating university I arrived in The Bahamas to teach for the Bahamian government in 1988. After spending 13 years in the teaching profession, Cathy decided to expand her horizons and jumped into the exciting world of real estate. Now she is back in the Wonderful World of Teaching and thoroughly enjoying teaching primary art. Cathy's first love is the water and has spent many an hour both on top and below the turquoise waters of The Bahamas. She swam competitively at the national and international levels in Canada for 10 years and she continued her involvement in the sport once she arrived in Freeport. She worked as an assistant coach for the Freeport Wave Runners and served as an assistant coach for the Bahamas Games. She continues to officiate at swim meets whenever she can. She periodically is involved with Freeport YMCA. Since Cathy was a Y Rat from her swimming days, it is only fitting that she continue here in the Bahamas Cathy is married to David Mackey, former guitarist of the popular Bahamian group T-Connection, now owner of Mackey Media Ltd, a multi-media marketing company as well as being the leader of Freeport most popular multi- genre band, Uppercut 242. David and I  have two beautiful children, Cameron and Sierra and a menagerie of animals, Choklit Moose, the Chocolate Lab, Oliver Twist and (Lu)Caya the postively posh Potcakes and Chloe, the Potcat.
Mr. Ben Power
Special Needs
I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and have been traveling the world ever since.  No matter where I was in the world, the beach has always called my name. Luckily my career has enabled me to stay pretty close to the water so I don’t dry out!   I have been teaching Special Education since 2003 in Mississippi, The Marshall Islands, Curacao, and the Bahamas.  I have been teaching at LIS since 2014 and am extremely proud to be a part of the team that is developing the first-ever Special Needs Program here at LIS.  Food, music, rugby, and the beach hold a special place in my heart along with my family of course.  I am a member of the Bahamas National Rugby Team along with being the captain of the rugby team at the Freeport Rugby Club.   You will find me either on the pitch or floating somewhere in our beautiful turquoise waters.
Ms. Lillian Rolle
I am currently teaching Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in both the Primary and Secondary Schools. I received my early education on the island of Andros and graduated from the College of The Bahamas with a Bachelor of Education Degree in Computer Studies. I enjoy reading, listening to music and collecting recipes. My purpose in pursuing a career in teaching is to directly affect change and make a positive impact on the lives of children. I believe that teachers should be facilitators of the learning process and that students should be encouraged to become engaged, hands-on, problem-solvers with a global perspective and mindset. As a result, students can think of themselves as global citizens with not just a responsibility to their country but to the world at large. Hence, educating the student holistically is the key to human civilization and empowerment. 

Administrative Support Staff

Ms. Linda Rahming
I am originally from the Black Forest in Freiburg, Germany. Grand Bahama became our home after moving here 19 years ago. Before being the "Friendly Face in the Front Office" at LIS, I worked for multiple companies on the island where I gained knowledge in Retail & Business Management & Accounting and also experience in Education at another local school here on the island. The best part about working at LIS is meeting and working with individuals from all around the world, which exposes us to loads of different cultures. When I am not working , I enjoy the beaches, painting and crafting and spending time with my two (2) children - Angelina and Aiden, friends and family.
Ms Crystal Munnings
Office Assistant
 I was born in the quiet settlement of West End, Grand Bahama.  Prior to LIS,  I spent most of my years working as a Fitness Instructor and then went on to  become a certified Massage Therapist.  I have had the honor of representing  the great country of The Bahamas for many years in the sport of Powerlifting,  where I currently hold a national record in the sport.  I have had the pleasure of working at LIS for the past 15 years.  I love LIS because it is filled with diversity, and I continue to learn new and exciting things.  I have two lovely daughters, Alexa who attends LIS and Janna, my 1 year old.
Mrs. Debbie Winter
Finance Manager
 Born and raised on Grand Bahama, I left the island to obtain an Associates degree from Broward College and a Bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University. My career path started in the hospitality industry with 21 years at the Bahamas Princess Resort, most of those years in the Regional Finance department. Experience in a couple other jobs eventually led me to join my children at Lucaya International School in 2005. Our kids graduated from LIS in 2009 and 2011. I enjoy the small family friendly atmosphere of LIS and I am blessed to have had the good fortune to have worked with dedicated individuals and to witness the development of the little darlings who are entrusted to the faculty and staff of LIS, into successful and productive members of our global society.
Mr. Keith Strachen
IT Administrator