International Festival a Huge Success

The highlight of the LIS school year is the International Festival.  At the beginning of the year, each homeroom chooses a country represented by the 30+ nationalities represented at our school.  They learn about the country over the course of the year and they choose a traditional song or dance to perform on the stage.  The performances are the highlight of the evening and this year proved to be no exception.  Students in Pre-K/K represented the USA, Year 1 represented Greece, Year 2 South Africa, Year 3 Italy, Year for Argentina, Year 5 The Phillipines, Year 6 Spain, Year 7 Jamaica, Year 8 France, Year 9 India, Year 10 Ireland, Year 11 The Bahamas, Year 12 Puerto Rico and Year 13 Britain. 
Food was provided from many of the countries like The Bahamas, Canada, USA, Poland, Germany, South Africa, The Phillipines, Italy and Greece.  The food was phenomenal and we thank the parents for preparing such wonderful representations of their home country.