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Communication with the School

Communication is a key element of an effective partnership. We have an "open door" policy however in order to be sure to be able to see the person you wish to speak with, it is always better to make an appointment. Teachers are generally available between 3:00-3:45 daily but may not be available due to clubs & activities.


The school has many different ways in which we communicate with the parent community. Important information and events are regularly communicated through e-mail or ManageBac.  Our school calendar can be found on our website. Classroom newsletters are sent out in the Primary School. We have numerous Parent Evenings throughout the year to discuss relevant issues, and the Board of Directors holds an AGM in the beginning of every school year.

The school also has numerous ways in which we report on student progress. Teachers can communicate daily through our portal, ManageBac. Secondary grades are updated on the 15th and 30th of each month.


Parent Teacher Conferences are held in October and March, depending on the midterm breaks. Report Cards are sent home at the end of each semester in January and June. Parents are also encouraged to make an appointment with a teacher or the administration anytime they have a question or a concern.


Lines of Communication

There are many different ways for you to communicate with the School. We have established a communication hierarchy in order to serve you and your children. It is always best to try to solve a problem or have an issue clarified at the appropriate level. Therefore, we ask that you follow the communication path for offering suggestions or solving problems.

  • If there is a problem related to your child or a specific class, contact the teacher directly through Managebac, calling the school (373-4004) or sending an email. The teacher will get back to you as soon as possible and schedule an appointment if you wish.
  • If there is a problem related to your child that is more psychological, emotional, or social in nature or relates to College Counseling, contact the School Counselor, [email protected]
  • If your problem has not been solved at the previous two levels or is related to the school or in a general way, please contact the appropriate Head of School, [email protected] (Secondary)/ [email protected] (Primary)
  • If your concern remains unsolved or is seen to be within the realm of the Head, please contact the Principal [email protected] 
  • If your concern has not been handled to your satisfaction by the Principal, please contact the Board of Directors in writing.