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The Lucaya International School is owned by the non-profit Lucaya International School Foundation and is governed by a volunteer seven member Board of Directors.


The parents of the students attending LIS propose three members to this Board, who serve two year terms without limit for re-election, and whose election terms are staggered. The other four members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the Foundation Council and are selected based upon their professional expertise and personal skills, which are deemed needed by the school. The Principal is an ex-officio member of the Board as well.

The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that LIS' Philosophy and Goals are relevant and vital to the LIS community and to monitor the success of the School in fulfilling its mission. The Board also oversees the School's strategic planning process, has the fiduciary responsibility for approving the annual budget, and adopting and assessing the policies under which the school operates.

The Board of Directors employs the Principal, who is responsible for the day to day operations of the school under the policies set forth by the Board. The Principal is assisted in the management of the School by the Senior Management Team, which includes the Heads of the Primary and High School, IB PYP Coordinator, IBDP Coordinator, as well as the Counselor and Financial Manager.