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The ability to create is a fundamental characteristic of being human. The focus of the Visual Arts is to support possible 'future artists' and inspire all students to develop their observational and creative skills in respect to their local environment and the world at large. Consequently, the following goals serve to empower students with technical ability and the confidence to approach problem solving in diverse ways.


The Goals of the Visual Arts program at LIS is to:

Supporting the International Baccalaureate mission statement and learner profile, the LIS Art Department encourages students to actively explore the visual arts across a variety of local, international and multicultural contexts.  Through inquiry, investigation, reflection and application, students develop an appreciation for the expressive diversity in the world around them, becoming critically informed makers and consumers of visual culture.


The following goals serve to empower our students with technical ability and the confidence to approach problem solving in creative ways.

  • Provide a broad program of study for Years 4 through IB, allowing students to experiment with as diverse a range of materials and surfaces as possible
  • Develop respect for one’s own artwork, the artwork of other students and that of international artists
  • Foster an aesthetic appreciation of our natural environment and be able to identify unique characteristics from it
  • Inspire IB students with exciting projects and the technical and critical skills with which to create a unified body of work with a unique personal vision
  • Empower all students to be creative and flexible in their thinking and problem solving
  • Model sensitivity to one another and in our creative expressions of the world.