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LIS Middle School Philosophy


The LIS Middle School philosophy embraces the recognition of the preadolescent and adolescent stages of development and sees this as a transitional period between Primary and High School. We understand the need to help students move from a self-contained learning environment to a more structured departmentalized program. We aim to balance both content and process in the classroom, differentiating our instruction in order to reach a wide range of learning styles with an emphasis on individual attention. Our student-centered methodologies and assessments include group projects, cooperative activities, experiential learning, individual and group research; teacher guided instruction, lab work, reports, essays and the use of unit and standardized MAP examinations.

The desired outcomes for students include the development of process and critical thinking skills, research and study skills, time and organization strategies, and the ability to reflectively evaluate their own work and the work of their peers. Also inherent in our philosophy is the development of social skills and personal values which lead to a positive self-image and a commitment to the community. This is accomplished through instilling a sense of personal, social, and academic responsibility in all of our students.


LIS High School Philosophy


The LIS High School provides students with both a foundation of knowledge necessary for success at university and the personal values necessary for good citizenship in a global community. Through the study of the International GCSE and IB Diploma courses students become adept at honing their critical and higher level thinking skills by formulating ideas, justifying statements and beliefs, and identifying and solving problems. LIS High School also stresses the importance of time management and study skills in order for students to become self motivated and independent learners. We strive for our students to become leaders. We believe the main attributes of leadership are a combination of academic excellence, a positive self image and the development of strong personal values and beliefs centered on integrity, respect for others and the appreciation of diversity.