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Student Leaders

Student Council

LIS Student Council promotes an advocacy for students through guidelines of civic organizations. It is our hope that the LIS Student Council officers and its representatives from selected grade levels will ensure that LIS students have a campus voice.


Through collaborative efforts, the LIS Student Council will provide leadership and advocacy for students by articulating the needs of the LIS student body with appropriate Administrative personnel--thereby forming a bond of trust and cooperation for all concerned.


In conjunction with these ideas, the Student Council will arrange various school activities for the student body. With this statement of purpose, please feel free to submit ideas, concerns, questions, and accolades to the LIS Student Council Members for 2023/2024 calendar year or our Student Council Advisors - Mr. LaToy Williams, [email protected] or Ms. Barbora Mastna, [email protected] 


Head Students

In addition to the LIS Student Council, two students from the Graduating class are chosen as the leaders of the Secondary School. Their role is to set an example for LIS students, be advocates for the Secondary School and to represent LIS at school and community functions.


These two positions are the highest elected position in the student body.  The Primary School also have two Head Students selected by the Primary teachers and Upper Primary student body.


If the class size is over 15 students, a Deputy Head Student may be appointed depending on the number of applications received.


Team Captains



LIS has a House System where students are divided into three houses for team points and sports competitions through-out the year. 


The Red Snappers, The Green Morays & The Blue Marlins


One student from each house in the Year 12 class is elected by his/her peers to lead the house in these competitions. 


The Primary School also has a House Captain coming from Year 6 who are chosen by the Primary teachers and Upper Primary student body.