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Clubs and Activities


The LIS Clubs and Activity Program offers a diverse range of extra-curricular activities within four major areas of interest:

  • sports/recreational activities;
  • performing arts;
  • academic pursuits, and
  • arts & crafts.


The program enables LIS students to develop physically, culturally and socially by providing them with opportunities to broaden their horizons, gain knowledge and skills, and generate an interest in a variety of areas they may have not previously experienced.




The clubs are run on a quarterly basis and there is a nominal fee to cover the cost of materials. Teachers run the Activities Program but parents are also welcome to get involved if they have an activity that would be of interest to our students. There are a few activities run off the school campus (Sailing and Tennis). Parents are responsible to get their children to and from these activities and there is a separate fee for those activities determined by the outside instructors.


Some examples of clubs that have been offered in the past year are:

Arts & Crafts, High School Production, Yoga, Tennis, Basketball, Girls health & Fitness, Soccer, Sailing, Kung Fu, Ultimate Frisbee, Skateboarding, Buccaneer Beach Club, Movie maker, Computer Club, Beginner's French, Scrapbooking, Yearbook, and Board Games.




Please contact Mr. Nigel Kirkby, [email protected],  for any further information.