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Philosophies and Goals


Mission Statement

It is the mission of LIS to provide high quality, rigorous, international education that celebrates global citizenship, community awareness and environmental consciousness while promoting personal development, critical thinking and lifelong learning.



LIS strives to develop every student’s full potential, empowering each child to become a creative, critical and independent thinker. We encourage students to become confident individuals and conscientious citizens of the world, who pursue a lifelong commitment to personal development and service to others.



LIS delivers a high quality, college preparatory international education.

We believe in:

• Educating the whole child - academically, emotionally, physically and creatively
• Being open-minded and respecting diversity
• Respecting, interacting with and learning about our host country
• Creating a sense of community within the school
• Encouraging students to be compassionate and caring members of their community
• Teaching the importance of community service
• Promoting parental involvement as it is instrumental in students’ success
• Promoting high ethical standards and self-discipline
• Developing a proficiency in more than one language
• Maintaining a safe and nurturing learning environment
• The pursuit of excellence
• Celebrating success and recognizing that all experiences are learning opportunities
• Fostering a love of lifelong learning
• Instilling an awareness and appreciation of the Arts
• Developing a keen awareness of the environment and conserving limited resources
• Facilitating the smooth transition for our internationally mobile students
• Preparing students for a changing world.