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Tuition and Fees

Application Fee (non-refundable)

A non-refundable application fee of $250.00 is required upon initial registration and is due each time a student is re-enrolled after any period of withdrawal from LIS. Only payment of the first tuition instalment secures a place for the next academic year.


Development Fee (non-refundable and due on admission)

A non-refundable $2,000.00 development fee is required per each successful admission or re-admission with an absence of two years. 


Guidelines regarding payment of fees

Tuition is an annual fee. Payment in instalments is offered as a courtesy to facilitate personal cashflow but does not affect the annual payment obligation.

All tuition fees are due by the published dates unless other arrangements have the written approval of the Principal. Fees for temporary enrolment are payable in advance. Following the due date, the school charges an administrative fee of $100.00 and a late fee currently set at 1.5% of the outstanding account balance per month.  Where fees remain unpaid after 30 days further attendance of students shall be denied unless their continued attendance has specific board approval. Reports and school records will be withheld pending full payment on any outstanding accounts.

Refunds for tuition are made in accordance with LIS policy 3.3.4.

Uniform costs are borne by parents, but all school and library books are provided at no additional charge. Field trips, external examination costs, damaged/lost or overdue books, and repairs to/replacement of school issued laptop computers are not included in the tuition.  Any external examination fees in Years 9 through Year 13 are the responsibility of parents.


Discounts & Payments

A 5% discount will be allowed for annual fees (see ‘Tuition Payment Plan 1’) paid in full by June 1st, for the academic year. There is a discount for families with three or more children.


All payments should be made payable to Lucaya International School account number 200497594 at First Caribbean International Bank, branch 09726; please present a receipt of payment to the school office.  Cheques will be accepted at the school office but under no circumstances will cash be accepted.  Online payment arrangements for First Caribbean International Bank account holders can be made upon request. Please add 1% for payments in US$ and an additional $10.00 for USA bank cheques.  Please contact the Administrative office at (242) 373-4004 or email address [email protected]  for overseas wire transfer information.

Tuition Payment Plan 1

Annual payment in advance (inclusive of 5% discount).


Year Level

Annual Fee



Year 1 – 4


Year 5-6


Year 7-9


Year 10-11


IB1 & IB2


Full payment due by 1st June or at initial enrolment.


Tuition Payment Plan 2

Payment in five equal installments.



Year Level

Five equal installments of


Annual Fee







Year 1 – 4



Year 5-6



Year 7-9



Year 10-11



IB1 & IB2




Payment Dates


Payment Date


By the 1st June


By the 1st September


By the 1st November


By the 1st February


By the 1st April