Alumni Updates

James Tuchel, Class of 2008James Tuchel, LIS alumnus Class of 2008!

James writes from his home in California about his experience working at SpaceX!

"I manage a group of mechanical engineers in the ground engineering department. Basically, we design all of the stuff at SpaceX that doesn't go to space! Specialized equipment for launch pads, recovery vessels, and production & test sites that support all of SpaceX's rockets, spacecraft, and satellites."

James received his undergraduate degree as a Design Engineer, Lotus F1 Team at Enstone UK and his Masters of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK. He has worked at SpaceX, Los Angeles for 6 years as a Mechanical Design Engineer, was Lead Engineer for 4 years and Mechanical Engineering Manager for 1 year.

James offers wisdom to our students on making their dreams come true: "Most people will tell you that it is impossible to break into competitive fields or that there is an oversupply of qualified people and you don't have a chance. This is categorically untrue - don't listen to them. In fact the best organizations in this world - should you be interested in pursuing them - are desperate to find the caliber person they need. Be intellectually curious and pursue your interests aggressively and uncompromisingly. Don't wait for the right circumstances to try things - go out and break down doors and make them happen for yourself. Try and consider the world from a first-principles perspective - question what you think you know, and also what others think they know. Don't accept the status quo or any reason supporting it that isn't grounded in physics - everything else is negotiable. Above all remember that everything that exists in this world was put into motion by other people who are no smarter or more capable than you are."

Thank you, James! Your words and experiences are inspiring!
LIS is pleased to share the news that Dr. Connor Goodrum, Class of 2010, recently defended his Ph.D. dissertation: "Conceptually Robust Knowledge Generation in Early Stage Complex Design"  in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Connor is the eldest son of Gitte and Jim Goodrum and he was educated at LIS from the early years through to the completion of the IBDP programme.
This is a notable accomplishment and LIS is proud of his achievements in the academic world and to have been part of his academic journey.
Lian writes: "Growing up in LIS and doing the IB Program was a great opportunity to help prepare me for university. IB really helped make the first couple years of uni so much easier! IB really teaches you how to manage your time, which is a necessity for beginning university studies. I studied International Events Management at Regents University, London, England and finished with a 2:1 honors degree.
I am now living in London searching for a job that suits me best while embarking on my own jewelry brand business as a side venture. LIS and IB opened my eyes to numerous opportunities globally and helped me progress further with many previous and current aspirations."
"Tune in to Puls4 at 20.15 tonight to watch my episode of Ninja Warrior Austria! How far do I get? Do I make it to the warped wall? Do I make it to the Finals? I'm here to show that pretty little dancers can rock a Parcours just like all the tough other athletes. Always by my side are my trusty #skechersperformance sneakers! They gave me a great feeling throughout the Parcours." -with Julie Geiger
Congratulations to Kristian Moree, Lucaya International School Class of 2017 IB Diploma Programme graduate, who has been awarded the Bahamas National Merit Scholarship! Kristian will be attending Dalhousie University.