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Financial Aid & Scholarships

The Lucaya International School Board of Directors support opportunities that allow qualified Bahamian nationals who, except for financial assistance, would be unable to attend the school. We believe such endeavors are fundamental in supporting a diverse culture among our student body and enable everyone to learn from varied experiences, skills, pursuits and backgrounds.

Class size permitting, new students entering Year 3 and above are eligible. Deadline for consideration of applications is March 31st, but may be extended if space is available. All scholarship and tuition relief awards are made through a process indicating both financial need and academic ability. Every recipient pays some portion of tuition. An annual review will be conducted to determine continuation of any and all financial aid.


If you would like to apply for a scholarship or financial aid:

  1. Arrange to have an evaluation of your child's academic ability with the school's Administrative Assistant, Ms. Crystal Munnings, [email protected]. Please contact our administrative offices for an appointment at (242) 373-4004. 
  2. Present the following documentation on the day of or prior to the child's evaluation:
  1. Letter to LIS Principal requesting consideration for financial assistance
  2. Transcripts substantiating a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher from current school.
  3. Prospective high school students should also provide a letter explaining his or her interest or motivation in attending LIS.

Please note: IB Diploma prospects must expect to have a minimum of six (6) BGCSE's, consisting of no less than three (3) B's and three (3) C's in any of the following subjects: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, 2nd Language (Spanish), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography or History. 


Once the candidate is deemed academically suitable, the process continues with the Scholarship and Tuition Relief Committee, a sub-committee of the Board of Directors. The following information is required and will be held in strict confidence:

  1. Completed Financial Affidavit (click to link to page with form provided by LIS)
  2. Letter from employer confirming salary (previous 12-month period) for each parent/guardian
  3. Copy of Personal Bank Statements (all accounts) for the preceding 3-month period.
  4. Copies of existing Loan documents (i.e. auto, mortgage, etc.)
  5. Copies of current Certificates of Deposit
  6. List of any scholarship or tuition assistance that the applicant is currently receiving or is entitled to
  7. List of Company ownership

Once financial need is determined, the Committee will notify the applicant of their decision. If an offer is made and accepted, the student will be required to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress which is evaluated as follows:

  1. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 in High School (meets expectations in Primary School)
  2. Conforms to school expectations on conduct and participation in school events.