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Lucaya International School Board Responsibilities

Members of the LIS Board accept a guardianship endowed by the LIS Foundation Council to give directions that ensure a consistent purpose is taken by the school. We are the protectors of the school's reputation, designed by the Founders and further crafted by numerous individuals who have served graciously, giving their time and expertise in building the school. It is our duty to build on the good works already accomplished and advance the cause, thereby, preserving important works previously accomplished, keeping pace with relevant practice and setting direction for things to come.

As a Board representative, you will be asked to sincerely offer your time, effort and attention to analyze and pursue pertinent and viable opportunities for the school. All members are asked to agree to the following:


Attendance at Scheduled Meetings

In order to stay informed and remain relevant, it is imperative that regular attendance be maintained by our members. We meet at least 10 times annually for regular meetings, one evening a month. During these meetings, we are updated on the general operations of the school such as finance, curriculum, human resources and student issues. Policy matters may be pondered, as well as individual requests made directly to the board. Our procedure is to discuss until all members are in agreement. Not to be deterred by time or stalemate, if it is possible, we may table a matter until further discussion can be held to come to a consensus.

Members should come to these meeting prepared to participate, having reviewed minutes of prior meetings and any documents supplied beforehand. Policy is in place to remove any member who misses three consecutive regular meetings.


Committee Involvement

Every member is asked to serve upon at least one of the following existing board committees:

  • Finance
  • Scholarship
  • Building and Maintenance
  • Legal


Matters relating to these topics are usually discussed in committee first, and then presented to the full board for recommendations or approval. Attendance in committee is also indispensable.

A Task Force or Sub-committee may also be established to further investigate a specific course of action or to validate a project the Board seeks to accomplish. Member of these secondary committees may be appointed by the Board based on the expertise they can provide and are not required to be members of the standing Board. Recent sub-committees have included a Governance study for our recent accreditation process and helping to identify candidates for the School's Headmaster position.

Committees meet outside of the Board's regular meetings and times are variable in accordance with what is required.


Fiscal Responsibility

One of the main tasks of the Board of Directors at LIS is to review and approve the annual budget presented by the Finance Committee after deliberations with the Administration. In addition, the Board reviews and approves the actual financial statements after they are reviewed by an external independent accountant. As a non-profit organization, we are looking to achieve the school's goals and objectives without inflicting unreasonable costs upon our constituents.

While not a requirement, Board members are expected to support fund-raising opportunities and alliances which may provide beneficial assistance to the school.


Evaluations and Leadership Search

An annual evaluation of the Headmaster is conducted by all members of the Board using pre-determined criteria to provide valuable feedback, commend noteworthy actions and to target goals for future improvements. Likewise, The Board carries out a self-assessment which presents an opportunity to identify similar information in addition to measuring progress against our goals and mission.

The Board periodically performs its most important task: finding outstanding executive leadership for the school. Members are required to review applications, discuss their merits and participate in the interview of prospective candidates.



Board members should display enthusiasm towards the school and its constituents, always deciding with their best interest in mind. It is also desirable that members make use of opportunities to promote and extol the mission of Lucaya International School so that our support base grows. An interest in the School's history, future and current affairs adds value to the role of the individual member and enhances the influence and impact of the full board.


Conflict of Interest

The potential of a conflict of interest is ever present as we live in a small community. Any potential conflict of interest of a member must be disclosed to the Board, and may disqualify the individual from membership on a pertinent committee or from participation in the consideration of a matter by the Board.



As a diverse group in our own right, with a mind toward exploring different options, Board members require the latitude to express themselves without apprehension. It is, therefore, required that all members sign a confidentiality agreement prior to their first participation in a regular meeting, which is valid throughout their service and continues afterward.

In order to inform the various stakeholders in LIS about the Board's actions, a condensed version of the Board's regular meeting's minutes is first approved by the board and then made available in the school's administrative office.