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The ACT is a college entrance exam required by many U.S. universities and local scholarship organizations. Colleges accept the ACT and SAT interchangeably. At LIS, we have chosen to emphasize the ACT because of its relevance to the style of the programs we offer at LIS.


You are already preparing to take the ACT just by attending your regular classes. However, consistent practice improves ACT results! At LIS, we provide this opportunity during the school day by offering the Practice ACT in Year 10 to establish a baseline performance so we can customize a program to suit your child's needs. In Years 10-IB2, we provide weekly classes in test strategy, Math and English. All students are provided access to the only online preparation offered by the makers of ACT, which students can use at school and at home. Finally, we provide one ACT examination in IB1. We believe that this emphasis will help your child improve test scores as well as supplement classroom learning.




The English ACT course is designed to prepare students to successfully take the critical reading and writing sections of the ACT.  It is intended to strengthen test-taking skills by focusing on familiarization with ACT-type questions, developing test-taking strategies, increasing confidence, and improving time management during the exam.  A review of test content includes reading comprehension, grammar, and essay writing skills.  Practice with real, timed ACT test sections is an integral part of the course and occurs often.


Further, instruction will enhance students’ understanding of the rules of standard written English, rhetorical skills, and the ability to distinguish structured and logical writing from poorly organized samples. Focus on the writing process, particularly exploring the argumentative essay, reviewing proper writing format and structure, counterarguments, and refinement of thesis statements will also be highlighted throughout the class.




The Math ACT course is designed to help prepare college-bound students to be successful when taking the ACT through test-taking strategies and focus on specific content areas. 


Through a variety of activities and discussions, including an online component, students steadily improve their scores in preparation for taking the ACT.  Highlights of the class include specialized math topics, plugging in values to solve, and evaluating solutions through elimination to find solutions quickly.