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Design Technology

The aim of Design technology at LIS is to develop internationally minded people whose enhanced understanding of design and the technological world can facilitate our shared guardianship of the planet and create a better world.

Inquiry and problem-solving are at the heart of the subject.  Students are encouraged to solve real world problems using inquiry and analysis, the development of feasible solutions, and the testing and evaluation of the solution. The iterative nature of design is reflected in the process used, one which asks students to design, model and evaluate in a cycle.

Design technology allows students to develop critical-thinking and design skills, which they can apply in a practical context. While designing may take various forms, it will involve the selective application of knowledge within an ethical framework.

The well-planned design programme enables students to develop not only practical skills but also strategies for creative and critical thinking.


At LIS Design Technology is taught in a dedicated design workshop. Students have access to a range of manufacturing processes including 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC routing as well as more traditional machines tools. Using the computer suite within the room, students can create graphical, physical and CAD models to express and Explain their design thinking.  The overall goals of the program are to develop:

  • a sense of curiosity as they acquire the skills necessary for independent and lifelong learning and action through inquiry into the technological world around them
  • an ability to explore concepts, ideas and issues with personal, local and global significance to acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of design and technology
  • initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to identify and resolve complex social and technological problems through reasoned ethical decision-making
  • an ability to understand and express ideas confidently and creatively using a variety of communication techniques through collaboration with others.