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The Eco-Schools Programme

During Year 10 and 11 our students have the opportunity to be on our Eco-Committee. Our Eco Club, led by passionate students and guided by dedicated teacher advisers, is making a significant impact on our campus daily.


Lucaya International School fist became an Eco-School in 2018 and received the Green Flag Award. This award is an international recognition of LIS’s efforts that have been put into environmental excellence and stewardship.


In the fall of 2022, we proudly earned our Eco Flag for the second time, showcasing our commitment to environmental stewardship. Our Eco Club drives various initiatives, including composting projects, mangrove planting, trail maintenance for the Pond ecosystem, and charitable contributions.


Our teacher advisers are active participants in the annual Eco School Workshop in Nassau, where they network with other educators and learn about innovative Eco-Club practices nationwide. They also share our journey to achieve Green Flag status, inspiring others to follow in our eco-friendly footsteps.


One special day each week is dedicated to tidying up our campus, reinforcing our commitment to a clean and green environment. Plus, we're excited to announce that Lucaya International School is in the early stages of becoming solar-powered, and our Eco Club is forming a committee to educate and engage our fellow students, demonstrating the benefits to our school, city, and country.



We also invite professional environmentalists, such as the Bahamas National Trust, Bahamas Bonefish Tarpon Trust and Waterkeepers, to educate our students, ensuring that our commitment to sustainability remains strong and informed.













The Eco-Committee meets once a week to plan and deliver environmental projects throughout the school and the local community.


Our Eco Code: “Reducing our footprint, one step at a time”