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The Hydroponics Project

Year 9 Hydroponics Project: Nurturing Tomorrow's Green Thumbs.

Hydroponics is a modern and innovative method of growing of growing plants without soil, using nutrients rich water solutions.


The Year 9 hydroponics CAS project offers a multifaceted educational experience that equips the students with valuable skills, knowledge and a heightened awareness as sustainability and food production. It aligns with the evolving needs of our society, particularly on the island and prepares the students for a future where environment consciousness is crucial.


Hydroponics offers a practical and hands-on experience for the students. It allows them to engage in real-life, science-based activities that promote critical thinking, problem-solving and experimentation. Through learning hydroponics, students gain a deeper understanding of sustainable agriculture practices. They learn how to grow crops with less water, reduce land usage and minimal environmental impact, which is crucial for addressing global food security and environmental challenges.


Throughout the year the students design, build, and maintain their own hydroponic systems, cultivating a variety of plants without soil. They learn about nutrient solutions and how plants grow. Hydroponics teaches responsibility and patience as the students care for their plants. It instills teamwork, cooperation a sense of achievement when they see their plants thrive and can harvest their crops.