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PYP Units of Inquiry

Embark on a transformative educational journey at LIS, where our internationally recognized Primary Years Programme (PYP) fosters a dynamic learning environment through meticulously designed Units of Inquiry.


A PYP Unit of Inquiry is not just a lesson—it's a 6-8 week immersive exploration of a powerful concept that empowers students to delve deep into their learning. Guided by thoughtfully crafted lines of inquiry and expertly curated teacher questions, students embark on a captivating intellectual adventure, where curiosity is the compass and critical thinking is the cornerstone.


Six transdisciplinary units (or four in the Early Years) provide students with the opportunity to build an understanding of themselves, their wider community, and the world. Through the units, students enhance their subject-specific knowledge and skills in relation to the themes represented by the units.


Through these units, students don't simply gather information—they develop a profound understanding of central ideas, connecting knowledge across subjects and cultivating a holistic view of the world.


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