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Languages Within The PYP



Language of Instruction: The language of instruction at LIS is English, which is the official language of The Bahamas.


At LIS students typically engage in several languages that include:


Mother Tongue

The student’s native language that they are proficient in.



PYP students are given the opportunity to learn Spanish.

Spanish is taught to students throughout the Primary School (K –Year 6). The emphasis is on learning to enjoy a foreign language through creative, participatory and group activities.

With a focus on developing communication skills, students are exposed to the Spanish language through games, songs, role play and hands-on activities. Students are also exposed to cultural aspects of language learning, reflecting the wide global use of the Spanish language.


English as an Additional Language

PYP students who are new to learning English as supported in their journey from acquiring social, conversational English to developing their English. When the school has a teacher available to provide support they work alongside the classroom teacher to design a personalized programme for every student. The programme focuses on developing listening, speaking, writing and reading comprehension skills in the English language.